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Sunday, January 3, 2016

This Day in History --- January 3

January 3
Happy Birthday Lucretia Mott!
Lucretia Mott was born on this date in 1793 in Nantucket, Massachusetts. Lucretia was a women’s rights activist, and abolitionist. She was a major supporter of William Lloyd Garrison. She was born into a Quaker Family. Quakers are known for seeing everyone is equal. She married James Mott in 1811.
Lucretia was a huge opponent of slavery. She was very vocal about this. Her husband, unlike most in this time period, supported her. He supported her so much so that he got out of the cotton trade.
Mott was threatened because of her anti-slavery vocalization. She attended an Anti-Slavery Convention in 1840 where she met Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Stanton and Mott are famously known for their work at the Seneca Falls Convention.

Mott died November 11, 1880 in Pennsylvania.

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