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Saturday, January 2, 2016

This day in History --- January 2, 1960

January 2, 1960
JFK announced his candidacy for the Democratic presidential nomination. 
“The Presidency is the most powerful office in the Free World” John F. Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy a senator from Massachusetts, announces his intention to become the Democratic Nomination for President of the United States. Kennedy, who was born in Brookline, MA on May 29, 1917 was considered a war hero. He joined the Navy and in 1943 his PT boat was rammed and sunk by a Japanese destroyer. While he was injured he was able to help other survivors to safety.
Kennedy’s campaign slogan included “A Time for Greatness” and “We can do better” JFK was sworn in as the 35th President of the United States on January 20, 1961. Even from the beginning he had a big mess to clean up. The Cold War had started and The Civil Rights Movement was in full swing. JFK was able to win a lot of the African American vote (those who were able too, and not bullied into not exercising that right) However once he was in office, he tried to avoid the promises he had made to secure equal rights for African Americans. Kennedy was worried about the backlash from those in the South who were staunch racists.

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