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Thursday, November 30, 2023

My Thoughts - Hearts of Gold Author: Grace Hitchcock


About the Book

Book: Hearts of Gold

Author: Grace Hitchcock

Genre: Historical Romance

Release Date: August 14, 2023

The Bridal Shop

Alice Turner, the owner of one of Charleston’s finest bridal shops, is determined never to be dependent on a man for anything after the disgrace of her father’s prison time. When her best friend requests Alice to be her maid of honor, she reluctantly sets aside her feelings on marriage and dons a stylish bridesmaid’s gown, never intending to catch the eye of the handsome groomsman. Will he be able to convince Alice to open her heart again?

Miss Beaumont’s Companion

When Italian lady’s companion Aria St. Angelo is coerced into posing as her political employer’s absent daughter for the evening at the Louisiana Governor’s masquerade ball, she wasn’t planning on falling for Byron Roderick—the most eligible bachelor in the capitol. But, when he pays call at the Beaumont’s home, Aria is quickly shuffled into the shadows once more, forced to watch him fall in love with another woman.

The Becoming of Miss Blanche

Content to remain a Harvey Girl forever, fiery Tacy Blanche has worked in nearly every Harvey House down the Santa Fe line. But, when she accepts the position of second waitress at the new Montezuma resort, Tacy isn’t expecting her former fiancé’s brother to return to her life—

Pinkerton Jasper Caffery had long abandoned hope of ever finding Tacy again, but while on holiday in New Mexico, Jasper collides with the woman who had never noticed him before. He decides to take his chances and attempt to woo her. However, when Tacy’s past catches up with her, more than Jasper’s heart is at stake.



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About the Author

Grace Hitchcock is the award-winning author of multiple historical novels and novellas. She holds a Masters in Creative Writing and a Bachelor of Arts in English with a minor in History. Grace lives in the New Orleans area with her husband, Dakota, sons, and daughter. Connect with her online at



More from Grace

Q: What do you love about writing historical fiction?

Grace: I absolutely love the research aspect. I love learning and discovering little known pieces of history. In that research, I love asking the great “what if” question and see where it takes me while still having to follow the guidelines set up for historical fiction.

I’m pretty certain every author started as an avid reader who dreamed of how they would change an ending or change who the heroine ended up with if they could write the book instead. (Anyone else think Theodore Laurence should have married Jo March?) It’s that ever-beautiful question of “what if” that has haunted some of my favorite stories and often drives my own stories to spark to life.

Q: Have you traveled to any places you’ve written about?

Grace: My books have been set in Chicago, many in New York, Newport, New Orleans, and Charleston, which I’ve been able to visit! My upcoming Regency Romance, To Catch a Coronet, is set in London, which I toured many years ago. After writing my Regency, I’ve added an overflowing number of places to visit in England, and even Scotland where my third book will be set.

Want to know which book is set where?

Hearts of Gold: Charleston, Baton Rouge, and New Mexico

The Finding of Miss Fairfield: Charleston and New Mexico

The Pursuit of Miss Parish: New Mexico

To Catch a Coronet: London

My Dear Miss Dupré: New York and Newport

Her Darling Mr. Day: New Orleans

His Delightful Lady Delia: New York

The Gray Chamber: New York

The White City: Chicago

Q: How do you incorporate faith into your storylines?

Grace: I always weave in a faith theme, or verse, into the story. My goal with this novella collection, Hearts of Gold, is to provide readers with clean entertainment while subtly pointing them to Christ. And as with all of my books, something that I am learning inevitably ends up in the story in some form or another. Even though it feels a bit vulnerable to put my personal lessons in a book, I think that it offers a level of genuineness that can bring life to the story and hope to the reader.

Q: What aspect of romance do you enjoy writing about?

Grace: Before I started writing for publication, I would be reading and get very aggravated if the heroine chose the wrong hero in my eyes and I would rewrite the ending in my head, or even set aside the book with only pages left so I didn’t mess up the ending I wanted. Writing a romance is so much fun because now I understand the “formula” if you will about the obstacles placed in the lover’s path and the beauty of when they finally are together.

Q: Please tell us about your most recent book.

Grace: To Catch a Coronet releases with Kregel Publications in May 2024! This Regency Romance has been so much fun to research and while it is a challenge to change eras from Gilded Age to Regency, I’ve loved finding new, unique ways to get my heroines into trouble that inevitably has them meeting their true hero!

About To Catch a Coronet:

London, 1813

Sometimes the only way to out stride scandal is to catch a crown big enough to silence it.

After breaking off two arranged engagements, country baker turned heiress Muriel Beau takes matters into her own hands and asks the visiting baron she loves to marry her in a very public proposal and is met with an emphatic rejection. With no other course but to flee Kent society, Muriel knows the only way out of this debacle is to out stride it by catching what every society matron dreams of obtaining—a coronet with a sumptuous title to match. And after a glittering reception in the courts of London, Muriel’s best laid plans might come true after all.

My Thoughts 

Hearts of Gold is a collection of novellas written by Grace Hitchcock. I always love reading anything by this author. She always has a way of transporting readers back in time. This is such a fun collection set in the late 1880's. All three stories are fun easy reads. 

The Bridal Shop is the story of Alice Turner. She owns a fine bridal shop in Charleston. She has some hidden pain and does not want to be dependent on a man. While she does not want to get married, she does agree to be her maid of honor. During the wedding, one of the groomsman catches her eye. Can she put aside her past?

Miss Beaumont's Companion is the story of Aria St. Angelo. She is a Mildred's  companion. She is asked/forced to stand in for another woman during the Louisiana Governor’s masquerade ball. She did not count on catching the eye of the most eligible bachelor, Byron Roderick. However she has to hide her true self. 

The last story is The Becoming of Miss Blanche and the author takes us to Harvey Girl, Tacy Blanche. She really likes being a Harvey girl, so much so that she has worked in just about every Harvey House. She becomes a second waitress in the new Montezuma resort. Suddenly her ex fiance's brother pops up. He just happens to be Pinkerton Jasper Caffery. He had been looking for Tacy.  Tacy had changed her name and was hoping to outrun her past. What will happen if that world comes crashing down?

All three of these stories are fantastic. I love the Gilded Era stories. Thank You to the author, publisher and Celebrate Lit for allowing me to read a copy of this book - all thoughts are my own. 

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To celebrate her tour, Grace is giving away the grand prize package of an autographed Copy of My Dear Miss Dupré, Her Darling Mr. Day, and His Delightful Lady Delia!!

Be sure to comment on the blog stops for nine extra entries into the giveaway! Click the link below to enter.

My Thoughts - The Silent House of Sleep - Written by Allan Gaw


The Silent House of Sleep

‘No one likes death. It just happens to be our business.’

Nobody who meets Dr Jack Cuthbert forgets him. Tall, urbane, brilliant but damaged, this Scottish pathologist who works with Scotland Yard is the best the new DCI has seen. But Cuthbert is a man who lives with secrets, and he still battles demons brought back from the trenches.

When not one but two corpses are discovered in a London park in 1929, Cuthbert must use every tool at his disposal to solve the mystery of their deaths. In the end, the horrifying truth is more shocking than even he could have imagined.

As he works the case, Cuthbert realises that history rarely stays in the past. And even in the final moments, there is still one last revelation that leaves him reeling.

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Author Bio – 

Allan Gaw is a Scot who lives and works near Glasgow. He studied medicine and is a pathologist by training but a writer by inclination. Having worked in the NHS and universities in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and the US, he now devotes his time to writing.

Most of his published work to date is non-fiction. These include textbooks and regular magazine articles on topics as diverse as the thalidomide story, the medical challenges of space travel and the medico-legal consequences of the Hillsborough disaster.

More recently, he has been writing short stories, novels and poetry. He has won the UK Classical Association Creative Writing Competition, the International Alpine Fellowship Writing Prize, the International Globe Soup 7-day Writing Challenge and was runner-up in the Glencairn Glass/Bloody Scotland Short Crime Fiction Competition. He has also had prose published in the literary journal, From Glasgow to Saturn and anthologies from the Edinburgh Literary Salon and Clan Destine Press in Australia. His poetry has been published by Dreich, Soor Ploom Press and Black Bough Poetry. His debut poetry collection, Love & Other Diseases, was published in 2023 by Seahorse Publications.  

The Silent House of Sleep is his debut novel and is the first in the Dr Jack Cuthbert Mystery series. 

You can read more about him and his work at his website:

Social Media Links – 


The Silent House of Sleep


Allan Gaw


This extract is from the opening of chapter three where we learn of the discovery of a body in a shallow grave two months after the disappearance of the law student, Freddie Dawson. The Scottish pathologist, Dr Jack Cuthbert, who works in London with Scotland Yard, is called to the scene. There we have our first glimpse of him at work.

London: February 1929

‘…and then you called the police, sir?’

‘What else was I to do, officer? It was horrible. I didn’t know what it was at first, but then I knew it had to be a body. There was such a stink. It was Sheba who found it. I don’t know how much she disturbed it. I’m sorry about that. I certainly didn’t touch it. I didn’t have to — I knew there was nothing I could do.’

‘Please don’t distress yourself, sir. There are just a few more questions to ask if you don’t mind…’

Detective Sergeant Baker had switched shifts and found himself on an early that day. He was now sitting with Mr Danvers on the park bench, taking his statement. All the while, the labrador, still scenting what she had unearthed 30 yards away, was straining to get back to it. Baker, who had already seen what the dog had discovered, was pleased he only had a human nose. He was already feeling sorry for the pathologist who would be called out to deal with it.

When Cuthbert arrived at the Common, the uniformed officers were gathered across the expanse of grass near a small copse of trees. They were clustered around a hollowed area about 20 yards from the pathway. He strode towards them and was immediately recognised by Sergeant Baker whom he had previously met under similar circumstances.

‘Good morning, Dr Cuthbert. The remains are just over here, sir. They were discovered at around half past six this morning by a dog walker. The dog has caused some disturbance, but it looks to be minimal. Otherwise, the scene is untouched in accordance with your standing instructions.’

‘Very good. And, of course, good morning to you too, sergeant.’

Cuthbert walked on ahead of the sergeant, towards the find, and Baker was reminded just how tall and broad the man was. Both men were in their early thirties but that was almost all they had in common. 

When anyone at the Yard spoke of Cuthbert, what they usually talked about were his boots. They were always polished to a mirror-like gloss. Baker had also always admired his clothes, which he could see were expensively cut and well pressed. But, more importantly, he was pleased to have this pathologist on the case because he always gave out an air of calm authority. Indeed, he had a reputation at the Yard as the most meticulous of all the police pathologists. 

Cuthbert’s ideas of crime scene management and his methods were thought by some to be mere affectations. They would even on occasion say as much out loud. Others failed to understand his requirements. Baker was not one of them. He had already worked with Cuthbert on several cases over the last months and had been impressed by the towering Scotsman’s approach. Today, he set out to ensure that he had everything he needed to work the case. Baker’s own job would be that much easier if he let the doctor do his because Cuthbert also had a reputation for getting it right.

As expected, Cuthbert’s first action was to take the attending constables aside and brief them on how he wanted the scene protected. They were to rope off the area and station themselves around the perimeter to prevent any intrusion.

Next, as part of his routine, Cuthbert changed from his overcoat into a white coat. From his bag he took a pair of rubber gloves, two metal probes, a notebook and a pen. Using the probes, he began to separate away the mud and bracken to reveal more of the body. Regularly, he would pause to make notes on the numbered pages of his book, neatly recording every detail of the work in black ink.

Half an hour later, relatively little had been uncovered, such was the slow and painstaking way in which Cuthbert worked, but there were already two pages of notes. Sergeant Baker was expecting Inspector Franklin at any moment, as the news of the discovery on the Common would have reached his desk by now. Right on schedule, a police car drew up at the north gate and Franklin got out.

‘Just to let you know, Dr Cuthbert, Inspector Franklin is on his way over.’

Cuthbert did not break his concentration but did register the faint alarm in the sergeant’s voice. He was well aware of the inspector, and there was no love lost between them. His work was not fast enough for Franklin, who wanted quick answers, even if they were the wrong ones. As the inspector approached the rope cordon, he hitched it up and was irritated that he still had to stoop to enter.

‘So, what’s the story, doctor?’

‘Good morning, inspector. Do watch where you’re putting your feet, won’t you?’

‘I don’t have all day, sir.’

‘Well, I’m afraid you’re going to have to be patient for this one.’

‘Is it Dawson?’


‘Missing person in December, male, early twenties, student, average in just about every way.’

‘No, I would say it is unlikely to be your Dawson.’

‘How can you be so sure?’

‘Well, for one thing this is the body of a much older man, say in his sixties. Also, from a very preliminary assessment, the deceased was short and probably overweight. However, as you can doubtless see, inspector, nothing is that clear, as yet. I need to get the remains out of the ground and back to the slab. And given the state of decomposition, that needs to be done very carefully. Only after a thorough examination in a good light, will I be able to start giving you some answers.’


The Silent House of Sleep is the debut novel buy Allan Gaw. This is the first book in the Dr. Jack Cuthbert series. The author will draw you into the story within the first few pages. This is the story of pathologist Jack Cuthbert. He is a war veteran who trained as a doctor but instead of going to the hospital he become a forensic pathologist. 

The author has written a dual time line and we get to see war time - and how he became who he is. The author does write in detail about some of the war. When a body turns up it becomes clear that there will be more in the shallow grave. I loved the crumbs that the author left us throughout the story. 

Thank you to the author, publisher and Rachels Random Resources for allowing me to read a copy of this book - all thoughts are my own. 

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

My Thoughts - A Courageous Betrothal Author: Denise Weimer


About the Book

Book: A Courageous Betrothal

Author: Denise Weimer

Genre: Christian Historical Romance

Release Date: November 7, 2023

A wounded lieutenant, a woman fierce enough to protect her family, and an American Revolution with everything at stake. 

Red-haired, freckle-faced and almost six feet tall, Jenny White has resigned herself to fame over love. Possessing the courage and wits to guard her younger siblings against nature, natives, and loyalists in Georgia’s “Hornet’s Nest” gives life meaning until she meets scout, Caylan McIntosh.

From the time Jenny nurses the young lieutenant back to health after the Battle of Kettle Creek, she can’t deny her attraction to the vexing Highlander, who seems determined to dismantle her emotional armor. But when Georgia falls to the British and Caylan returns to guide Jenny’s family on a harrowing exodus into the North Carolina mountains, will his secrets prove stronger than his devotion? Or will their love be courageous enough to carry them through the battles ahead.


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About the Author

North Georgia native Denise Weimerhas authored over a dozen traditionally published novels and a number of novellas—historical and contemporary romance, romantic suspense, and time slip. As a freelance editor and Acquisitions & Editorial Liaison for Wild Heart Books, she’s helped other authors reach their publishing dreams. A wife and mother of two daughters, Denise always pauses for coffee, chocolate, and old houses.





More from Denise

Welcome to the Hornet’s Nest…the setting for A Courageous Betrothal. In my Scouts of the Georgia Frontier Series, we started with my September release, A Counterfeit Betrothal, in 1813. We’ve moved backward in time to middle Georgia, where the conflict between Patriots, Loyalists, and Native Americans became so intense during the American Revolution the area was dubbed “the Hornet’s Nest.” Little is known about this portion of the war, but it’s not just the setting that makes A Courageous Betrothalunique.

If the story sounds faintly familiar, that’s because it was originally Across Three Autumns of Barbour’s Backcountry Brides (2018). That’s why it’s a short novella instead of a full-length novel. The story became a free agent just in time to join my Scouts of the Georgia Frontier. It was a perfect fit not only because of the subject matter but also because some of the real people and places show up in this story as well as the novels of the series.

Another thing that sets A Courageous Betrothal apart is its heroine. As authors, we occasionally create characters who take on life and burst off the page. That’s Jenny White. Maybe because she was based on a real person, Nancy Hart. Six feet tall, red-haired, pock-marked, and a crack shot, Nancy was called “Wahatche” or “War Woman” by local Indians. She spied for Colonel Elijah Clark and captured Loyalists and British soldiers on more than one occasion. Her exploits are echoed in Jenny’s.

So are her insecurities, which make her relatable. Jenny’s given up on the notion of finding love. Men always prefer women like her dainty younger sister. And then she meets Caylan McIntosh, a scout for Colonel Clark whose Highland heritage makes him an ardent admirer of Jenny’s strength. Her doubts—along with the shorter word count and the time needed for love to grow between wartime encounters—are a reason I chose to write the novella solely from Jenny’s POV.

By no means does Jenny outshine Caylan. He’s still probably the most swoon-worthy hero I’ve written. Here’s a little snippet of him persuading Jenny to dance.


The unseen fiddler took his cue. The notes anchored themselves inside Jenny’s chest, with invisible strings tugging her toward the sound. Caylan and presumably several other Scots started a jig. From his fancy footwork and agile leaps, the lieutenant appeared dead sober. She found herself propping the pitchfork against a wall and drifting closer in the shadows, her mother’s previous warning drowned out in the waterfall of lilting notes. 

When the musician warbled into “Soldier’s Joy,” a woman faced off with her husband. As they greeted and turned, two frontiersmen leapt up to join them. Caylan looked around as though searching for a partner and noticed Jenny standing just outside the circle of light. He came toward her, hand outstretched.

“Come, lass, will ye dance with me? Ye know this one.”

Indeed, she did. She had seen settlers perform the steps on the Yadkin River. Before Jenny had time to think, Caylan whirled her into the circle, and a man dancing a female part grabbed her for a ladies’ chain. She caught a brief glimpse of Gabriel’s alarmed face as she whizzed past. 

Delighted with the actual women who joined them, the men paid courtly attention that caused Jenny’s face to flame. But none more than the sensation of Caylan’s eyes, warm amber in the firelight, fixed on her every time they met. The roughened strength of his large hand made hers feel small. 

When the song changed, Jenny gave an awkward curtsy and tried to back away, but her partner caught her arm. “’Tis just a Cumberland Reel.”

“I know no Cumberland Reel. Remember, we do not dance.”

“Oh. I did forget that.” But Caylan’s smirk hinted otherwise. “Seems to me Wahatchee would not grow lily-livered at a wee promenade. See, ’tis only a skip step, toe to heel?”

Jenny turned her lips down. “Wahatchee has a mother.”

Caylan threw his head back and laughed. “What? That slip of a woman has a Highland princess like you all a’cower?”

“I am English, sir.” She clasped her hands behind her petticoats.

“Well, pardon me, my lady,” he retorted with mock offense, “but yer regal bearing and coloring beg otherwise. I wager some hint of Celtic besmears the White family past…far back in the recesses of time, no doubt.”

The “regal coloring” went up in flames. Jenny repeated what she’d heard her mother proudly state many times. “We come from pure English stock.”

“Well, then, I dare ye to prove a proper English lady has no fear of a Cumberland Reel.”

“Those are break teeth words, McIntosh. If I chose, I could dance until daybreak, and still be dancing long after you collapse.” So saying, Jenny stalked to the tail of the reel and waited for the laughing Scotsman to follow her. 

Just like firing a gun, riding a horse, clearing brush, and swimming, dancing provided no challenge. Jenny did all physical things well and with endurance. What she had not expected, however, was the way Caylan’s obvious approval made her feel. It answered a craving deep inside that she had attempted to discredit for years. Not to mention the brush of his fingertips, the pressure of his hand on her waist, spread the bonfire to her bones.

From that moment to Jenny nursing Caylan back to health after the Battle of Kettle Creek, through the climactic, real-life exodus of civilians from Georgia to the mountains of North Carolina, Caylan fights for Jenny’s trust with as much determination as he fights the British. I hope you’ll be swept away by their romance amid the dangers of the Hornet’s Nest. And if you like Scottish characters, stay tuned for book three of the Scouts Series, coming in January and set in 1775 on the border of Georgia and South Carolina.

My Thoughts 

A Courageous Betrothal is written by Denise Weimer. This is book two in the Scouts of the Georgia Frontier. One of the things I live about this author is her ability to transport readers back in time. The author has done careful research to bring her story to life. Set in Revolutionary war times and based on a real life figure you will enjoy getting lost in Jenny and Caylan’s story. 

Jenny is such a strong character. She’s tall, brave, protective and unmarried. She takes protecting her family very seriously. Caylan is injured after the battle of Kettle Creek. Jenny helps him to recuperate. 

Jenny is also concerned about the growing tension from the British and Natives. She’s worried about losing everything. The author has captured the struggles that one may face accurately. I’ve really been enjoying this series. 

My only complaint is that I wish this was longer. I would love to get more of their story. Their characters are written well. 

Thank you to the author, publisher and Celebrate Lit for allowing me to read a copy of this book. All thoughts are my own. 

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To celebrate her tour, Denise is giving away the grand prize of a $50 Amazon gift card!!

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