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Sunday, August 2, 2020

BOOK Review -- A love letter for Jessa - By Teresa Slack


When Jessica Endicott began writing to her sick friend Ada’s pen pal, she never dreamed she’d fall in love with the man on the other end of the letters. Rodney Hammersmith has fallen in love with the writer of the letters. The only problem is, the woman he thinks he loves is someone else.

When Rodney’s job brings him to Willow Wood, he can’t wait to meet his pen pal face to face. Jessa is equally anxious to meet Rodney, but he doesn’t know she exists. He’s here for Ada, the woman he thinks he’s been writing to.

Jessa never meant to mislead Rodney when she agreed to write the letters. Now she risks watching him fall in love with Ada, whose lies could destroy all their lives.


To this day, I love writing, reading, and sticking my nose in other people’s business. I still live very close to that house in the town that inspired Jenna’s Creek and most of its characters.

My husband and I share our home with two aging rescue dogs, and spend a lot of time with grandkids and many nieces and nephews we love to spoil. My writing goal for this year is to publish some nonfiction books for writers as well as to complete an historical western series. Besides writing, I enjoy reading, hiking, blogging, and now, running, and wish I had more time to do them more often.

The people in my head, they’re still there. As I continue to balance life with writing I’ll strive to give them voice and bring those stories to life.

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What  cute historical sweet story. The setting of Willow Wood, Idaho, in 1890. It seems like a picture perfect town the way that the author describes it. The characters are original. The storyline is intriguing. The friendship between Jessa and Ada is an interesting one. 

Jessa's family works and owns the general store in town. Ada's family is involved with the railroad. Ada contracted diphtheria and was seriously ill with it. Jessa comes to visit and has been helping Ada read her letters that Rodney (an engineer through the railroad) has been sending with Ada's fathers permission. 

Ada has grown bored of the letters. She does not want to continue to answer - so Jessa (who is fascinated and slightly jealous) offers to answer them. Jessa falls for Rodney through the letters. Rodney comes to town - and wants to meet Ada (who does not give a relationship with Rodney a second thought - she likes to flirt)

what will happen when they meet? Can Jessa keep her true feelings in check. 

This is a wonderful story of faith, friendship and a web of lies. I enjoyed reading this book. 

I received a copy of this book through the Celebrate Lit blogging program, all thoughts are my own.

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