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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Book Review: Surround Me (Revolutionary Faith #2) by Marguerite Martin Gray

Book Review: Surround Me (Revolutionary Faith #2) by Marguerite Martin Gray

Surround Me (Revolutionary Faith #2)

It's no secret that my favorite time period is Revolutionary America (1770 ish) - 1900. When I was offered the opportunity to read and review the above book, I jumped at it. It was a book that I had my eye on for a long time. 

Book Summary: 

As the dark curtain of the rumors of revolution threatens to descend, Louis Lestarjette pursues his relationship with Elizabeth even as the emotional and physical struggles set the course for a life of changes. Will his commitment to God stay firm, or will the tide of change cause fear and flight?

The chance of reconciliation with England moves further out to sea, leaving Elizabeth Elliott on the shores of surrender to a greater challenge. Although others of unwavering courage give her strength, she must choose to allow God's love to surround her. How can she enter into a marriage during a time of uncertainty? Will selfish, safer options take her away from Louis and his love?

Set in 1773 Charles Town, Surround Me, the sequel to Hold Me Close, takes the reader into the lives of colonists confronting imminent change and unpredictable circumstances binding them together to become a formidable force

About the Author: 

Marguerite Martin Gray enjoys the study of history, especially when combined with fiction. An avid traveler and reader, she teaches French and has degrees in French, Spanish, and Journalism from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas. Recently, she received a MA in English from Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene. She has two grown children

Read more at her website: HERE

My Review: 

 This is Book #2 in the Revolutionary faith Series. I had not read Book 1. I had no problem following along and getting to know the characters. Louis Lestarjette, Frenchman turned Patriot is completely in love with his secret fiance Elizabeth Elliot. One of the major hurdles you will see them go through is the fact that Elizabeth's father is a Loyalist. He is less then thrilled that his daughter is in love with a Frenchman and a Patriot. 

I loved getting lost in Charles Town, SC and the struggle that was going on during this time period. I loved reading the story of Louis and Elizabeth and seeing some of the struggles they went through. The author's characters and descriptions are so real it's like you are there with them watching the story unfold. 

Louis is a fairly new Christian and watching him get comfortable with his new faith and adjust his life accordingly. 

If you are a fan of Historical Fiction - you will love this book 

I received a courtesy copy of this book from the author --- all opinions are my own. 

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