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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Book Review! Erica Vetsch's "The Bounty Hunter's Baby"

Today a new edition of Love Inspired Historical releases -- The Bounty Hunter's Baby - By Erica Vetsch

Summary: Bounty hunter Thomas Beaufort has no problem handling outlaws, but when he's left with a criminal's baby to care for, he's in over his head. And the only person he can think of to ask for help is Esther Jensen, the woman whose heart he broke when he left town. But can he convince her to put aside the past until he tracks down the baby's outlaw father? Esther is ready to run Thomas off her Texas ranch until she spies the abandoned newborn in his arms. Soon, working together to care for the precious babe stirs old hopes of a family. With trouble heading to their door, they could overcome it together if she'll entrust her wary heart to this sweet, second-chance family

My Review: What an amazing book!!! Erica Vetsch is a newer author to me and I can honestly say that she is becoming one of my favorite authors! Her writing style is one that flows easily. She peppers humor in with the story-line. This book is set in Texas in 1888 - which is one of my most favorite time periods. This book is a sweet story about a former beau needing the assistance of the girl that he once loved, but had left because her father did not think he was good enough. He goes out and becomes a bounty hunter and shows up at his former loves with a newborn baby. Follow the story as the two struggle to care for the baby - until they can place the baby with family. This is such a great story, and I really enjoyed reading it. If you have not discovered Erica's Books - I highly recommend this. I received a courtesy copy of this book in exchange for my opinion. 5 Stars! Another Great Story from Erica Vetsch

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