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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Playyyyyyy Ball!!!!!

My husband, my 13 year old daughter, and I visited Texas in April. We originally went to see the Duck Commander 500. I also wanted to take in sites and see some tourist attractions. One of my favorite pastimes is BASEBALL!!!! I am a huge Cleveland Indians Fan. Win or lose, I will always be a Cleveland Sports fan. While we were there, we visited the George W. Bush Presidential Center. They were offering an exhibit that was based on America’s favorite past time. This exhibit is entitled: Baseball: America’s Presidents, America’s Pastime. Two of my favorite things – presidents and baseball. So, Thursday after a nightmare commute from the airport Wednesday night we were rested and ready to go. Off to Dallas we went. I have never visited a Presidential library before. I would love to see as many as I can. It was easy to find – and easy to access. If you are in Dallas, it is a cool place to visit. The baseball exhibit starts with a short video about different Presidents and throwing first pitches out. The one that gave me the chills is the pitch that George W. Bush threw out after September 11. It was nice to reflect on how America had come together and exhibited Patriotism. There are giant pictures of various President’s throwing the first pitch out. Harding, Coolidge, Hoover, FDR, Taft, Eisenhower, Kennedy, LBJ, Nixon, and Ford threw the first pitch from the baseline in the Presidential box. Regan, Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush, and Obama all sent hurlers from the pitching mound. I do like seeing our President doing normal things. The exhibit also had jumbo size baseball cards that had the president’s picture on the front, and fun facts on the back. It was fun to walk through the past and see President’s enjoying a good ballgame. They even had a exhibit for the All American Girls Professional Baseball. I LOVE “A League of Their Own” and it was cool to see the pictures and items that became familiar thanks to the movie.  My husband was very excited to see George W. Bush sporting his favorite baseball team – Cincinnati Reds.

My favorite baseball player of all time is probably Jim Thome – who is yours?

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